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History of Soccer

While it is widely believed that the origins of soccer lie in the British Isles,1 new research by xenobiologist Tot Tibor reveals that this is almost certainly not the case. Ancient records indicate that the game was introduced into North America by extraterrestrials, with the first match reportedly played on the current site of the […]


Since Nelson Goodman’s publication of Fact, Fiction, & Forecast,1 philosophers have discussed the color known as grue, which seems identical to green before time T, but which seems identical to blue after time T. The problem with identifying grue things, of course, is that no one knew when time T would occur. Well, thanks to […]

Time T to Occur

If you’ve been around a little while, you’ve probably heard quite a few references to Time T. In case you haven’t heard about time T yet, here are some of the typical things that scientists say will happen at time T: Economics: At time T, the original investment of $10,000 will have tripled. Physics: At […]

Conclusive Evidence of Ancient Aliens

Photo by Lynn Locifero, © The Flying News.

For the first time ever, conclusive proof of Ancient Aliens has been found. While excavating a hidden passage underneath the temple of Teotihuacán©, Tot Tibor, xenoarcheologist at the International Hungarian University, discovered a tablet made of a material that proved to be PVC plastic. Inscribed on the plastic tablet was a message composed of punctuation […]