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UUTC Patents Sphere

The newest in a string of controversial patents is Ultimate Universal Technology Corporation (UUTC) application for a patent on the sphere. While the patent has not yet been granted, the application itself causes difficulties for a wide number of sphere users, both industrial and recreational. In particular, a number of sphere-manipulating sports would find themselves […]

High Mineral Fortified Air For Better Nutrition


If you happen to be a typical American, you are, doubtless, vaguely aware of the FDA and FBI nutritional guidelines, but, despite this dim awareness, you probably only take in about .0397% of the RDA for every nutrient except sugar and trans-fat. You may (although you probably don’t) wonder why your nutrition is so poor, […]

Hi-Viz Black

It used to be that bright colors really got you noticed. Fire engine were painted the imaginatively named fire engine red so that they’d stand out among the mob of black model-T Fords, and red haired girls stood out amid the blondes and brunettes. These days, however, fire engines look muted and tasteful—you hardly even […]

Automotive Underbody Cameras

Having you ever been driving along, thinking of this and that (or perhaps even of the other thing), when all of a sudden, without prelude, warning, or justification, you are seized and overpowered by an urge to see the asphalt directly under your car? If you have, you know that slamming on your brakes and […]

New Lower Calorie Food

With the current focus on waistline management strategies, Ultimate Universal Technology Corporation (UUTC) has introduced a new line of low and no calorie foods called Minimal Natural™. Their first two products include a drink called Pura™, a ‘soda’ featuring only two ingredients, water and carbon dioxide, and a snack bar called Néant™, which has no […]

Prenatal Education

Formal Education™ seems to begin earlier and earlier every year. Not only do the school year and the school day start earlier, but the age at which children are expected to get stressed out about things like homework and peer pressure gets earlier too. Kindergarten, a German word which could be literally translated as “childrens’ […]

Technology: The Z-Phone

The Z-Phone promises to be, not only the latest, but the last word in the world of portable devices. “After all,” boasts a masked and anonymous spokesman for the Ultimate Universal Technology Corporation (UUTC), “there just aren’t any more letters in the alphabet.” The new Z-Phone includes a number of extremely controversial new features not […]

The iPlug: A New Generation of Pacifier

"Schnuller". Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0-de via Wikimedia Commons - Modified by Lynn Locifero.

Binky, Dummy, Pacifier: Whatever you call it, it’s just a piece of rubber and plastic for babies to chew on. But Ultimate Universal Technology Corporation (UUTC), the makers of The iPlug™ have added modern electronics to produce a leaner, smarter, more capable pacifier. The base model includes a “nipple chiller” to prevent your child from […]