Holiday Returns App

Returning gifts can make the first few days of Christmas almost as busy as the last few days before Christmas. But do you ever wonder whether those gifts you chose with so much care and thought were really as appreciated as their recipients told you they were? After all, even if someone tells you that your gift is “just what I’ve always wanted,” you can’t be sure that your gift isn’t already heading back to the shelf. A new app, Holiday Returns, lets you find out for yourself what really happened to your presents.

The app gives you a display of when and where each gift is returned, by whom, and whether or not it was opened at the time. It also gives you a choice of responses, including “do nothing,” “cross this person off my list,” “never speak to him again,” and “dump ice-water on his head while he sleeps.”

“Computers in Akihabara shopping district Tokyo,” by Intel Free Press CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

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