Are YOU a Germaphobe?

How to Tell if You Are a Germaphobe

a sure-fire method!

  1. You set a timer when you take food out of the oven to determine when to refrigerate it afterwards. You never eat anything that has been out of the oven for longer than 0.75 hours.
  2. You clean the seat of your chair with disinfectant every day.
  3. You wash your writing utensils before and after use.
  4. You wear disposable gloves when preparing your own meals.
  5. You never shake hands with anyone, especially members of your own family.
  6. You never use a tube of toothpaste, a stick of lip balm, or lipstick more than once.
  7. You have spent thousands of dollars to get your home from the standard cleanroom level to the “ultra-clean” level.
  8. You regularly instruct your boss and the cleaning crew on new methods of sanitising the office furniture.
  9. You sterilise your pets with rubbing alcohol.
  10. You quit smoking not for the sake of your lungs, but because you can’t stand the smokers on your smoking breaks.

Next time: How to tell if you are a grammophone!

“Seagate’s Clean Room,” by Robert Scoble [detail]. CC-BY-2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

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  1. Asceptor supremus says:

    What if I sterilize my boss with rubbing alcohol? Would that make me a germophobe?

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