Have you ever been driving along, minding your own business, and noticed one of those signs on the back of trucks? Not the ones that say

How’s our driving? Call 231-231-2312 to complain.

I’m talking about the kind of sign that says

We are not responsible if rocks fall off our truck and break your windshield!

I’m sure you have. And it started me wondering. Wondering what? Wondering what you can get away with by putting out some sort of disclaimer. For example, could you put signs up and down your street stating

Not responsible for loss of life due to flying bullets!

and then use your front yard for pistol practice? I’m going to see if Ryan Rocifero will give that one a try.

Or how about this one: set up some signs on the side of the road that say

Any property left out of doors overnight will be confiscated and sold!

Then you can set up in the real-estate business with the confiscated property.

“Disclaimer sign at the Leeds Studios,” by Mtaylor848. CC BY-SA 3.0 from Wikimedia Commons. Alterations by The Flying News.

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  1. Young Offender says:

    I am not responsible for the offensive comments I make on any website, forum, or youtube video either. Responsibility is for idiots like you, not for sophisticated people like me.

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