Thursday, My Lucky Day

Anti-Theft windscreen scraper.

Jim: It’s Thursday.
Vim: So it is.
Jim: Thursday’s my lucky day.
Vim: How so?
Jim: All kinds of good things happen to me on Thursdays.
Vim: Like what?
Jim: I got my lucky pants on a Thursday.
Vim: How do you know they’re lucky?
Jim: Because I got them on a Thursday. And Thursday’s my lucky day.
Vim: I see.
Jim: Must be wearing your glasses today.

Vim: Well, what else has happened on a Thursday?
Jim: I had that terrible automobile accident on a Thursday in September.
Vim: That doesn’t sound so lucky.
Jim: Oh, but it was! I could have been dead! I was lucky to keep all my limbs!
Vim: You’re lucky you can still type.

Jim: Remember that day we got the wrong doughnut order and they were all chocolate?
Vim: Oh, yes, was that a Thursday?
Jim: No, it was a Monday. We always get the right doughnuts on Thursday, because it’s my lucky day.
Vim: OK, then how many lotteries have you won on Thursdays?
Jim: I don’t play the lottery. Don’t believe in it.
Vim: But in the UK it’s tax-free.
Jim: It’s the only tax people pay for fun. Crazy, I call it. Jorge Luis Borges wrote a story about that, I think.
Vim: Good point. So what else?

Jim: Last Thursday I was pretty bored.
Vim: How come?
Jim: I guess I got lucky and didn’t have any work to do.
Vim: I assigned you loads of research that day.
Jim: Must have missed the email. Oh, yes, that’s the day my computer wouldn’t turn on.
Vim: So that’s what you meant when you said “Just my luck!”

Jim: See, Thursdays are great. Did you know Neopolitan ice cream was invented on a Thursday?
Vim: Really?
Jim: No, but it sure is good enough to be!
Vim: You know, Jim, it’s just three ice creams lumped together in one container.
Jim: Fascinating! How in the world did they come up with it?
Vim: I think someone didn’t have enough containers.

Jim: Well, Vim, I’d better get back to my lucky day. Ahh, feels lucky already! Cheerio!

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