Horoscope Contest Closed

The Flying News Horoscope Contest is officially closed.1 I want to personally2 thank all the readers who submitted horoscopes for the contest. It was truly stunning what you came up with, and if you didn’t enter, then you totally missed out.

However, I have some bad news: it appears that the contest was rigged.3 All the entries we received bore the name of some Jonathan Axelrod from Oklahoma, who I’m pretty sure doesn’t really exist. I don’t believe our server was hacked, but some sort of interception was going on that stripped out the real names on the entries. So, sadly, we can’t reward anyone with the bumper sticker, unless you send us your contact info again. And we certainly aren’t sending one to Jonathan Axelrod.

If you feel you have been wronged, you have, and we apologise profusely. Again, if you think you deserve a prize, just let us know and we will sort things out. Feel free to use the comment form below or the Contact page.

We will publish the most amusing entries we received from “Jonathan Axelrod” in an upcoming post.

Congratulations4 to all who participated!

  1. And by closed, I mean that the time initially set for the ending of the contest has come and gone.
  2. And by personally, I mean by mass publication. Hey, it’s a figure of speech, OK?
  3. And by rigged, I mean that the contest had ropes attached.
  4. And by congratulations, we mean that you will not receive any recognition because of the rigged nature of the contest.

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