The Dog and the Cat and the Tire

Face of sleeping dog

Once there were a dog and a cat. “Woof, woof!” said the dog. “Meow,” said the cat. “Woof,” said the dog. “Meow, meow,” said the cat. And they talked for several minutes like this, until they got bored and walked away. The dog went to find some rags to chew on. The cat went to find a post to scratch.

The next day, the dog met the cat again. “Meow,” said the cat. “Woof, woof,” said the dog. “Meow,” said the cat. “Woof!” said the dog. And they looked at each other. Then the dog sniffed the cat. The cat didn’t seem to like that very much. “Meow,” said the cat. The dog just grunted. Then the dog said, “Woof.” And the cat said, “Meow.” After that, they went away.

Finally, on the third day, when the dog went out to find the cat, and the cat went out to find the dog, they both found something else. There was an old tire sitting in the grass, as if someone had just changed the tires on a car, and left a used one sitting there for some unknown purpose. “Woof, woof!” said the dog. “Meow, meow,” said the cat. And they both looked at the tire. Then the dog pushed the tire with its snout. And the cat scratched the tire with its claws. And they said, “Woof” and “Meow” almost in unison. They couldn’t move the tire very far, but the pushed it around, back and forth a bit, and the dog was almost able to turn it over. They had a pretty good time of it, playing with the tire.

At the end of the day, they both went home, had their dinners, and went to sleep in their usual places.

The End.

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