Thank the Thankers

Plate of odds and ends

A Thank You Note to End All Thank You Notes

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Thankers,

Thank you very much for your “thank you note.” It was quite amusing, and gave us all a good, hearty laugh. Your (and I use the plural form) use of the words “amazing,” “incredible,” and “unbelievable” was not only amazing, but it was also incredible and unbelievable. In fact, your entire note was incredible, that is, unbelievable. It was literally impossible to read literally. But the most enjoyable part, figuratively speaking, was the figure of speech in which you transcended not only your (plural again) previous expressions of gratitude and all potential human forms of gratitude, but the very purpose of the original gift, which of course was exceedingly limited, whereas your thanks were veritably unlimited, overflowing to superfluity, and not in the least bit superficial. And so I thank you once again, for your undue, undeserved, unreserved, unencumbered, unwished-for, and unnecessary thanks.


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