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A Photograph of the Trick Card

Illusionist David Copperfield is known as a pretty good trickster. And yet, the renowned magician was fooled last weekend by his own card trick, when an audience member chose a card of a previously-undiscovered suit. While the trick called for choosing “any card” from the deck, Copperfield was not expecting quite the card his volunteer picked. The audience member/volunteer Felder Socksam apparently chose the Three of Eggs, which has never before been found in a deck of cards.

Mr. Socksam says he was surprised when he looked at the card, but “thought it was all part of the trick.” He followed Copperfield’s instructions to keep the card hidden while the magician attempted to find the matching card from a second deck. The magician tried one card, then another, and finally a third, but each time he asked Socksam if it was his card, Socksam replied that it was not. The audience was shocked to silence. “I started thinking: something’s wrong,” says Copperfield. “Like, there wasn’t that energy I usually get from the cards. I just wasn’t feeling it.” And when the card was shown to be the Three of Eggs, the magician’s face went limp. According to another audience member, there was an awkward pause, and Copperfield appeared “dumbstruck—nay, dumbfounded,” for a very long ten seconds, before he tried to recover gracefully by pulling a habit out of a rat (it was either a bad habit or monastic garb, one couldn’t really tell). And either Copperfield doesn’t have any egg tricks, or he does not know the “when life hands you lemons” saying, as he might have easily made an omelette.

“I, I just don’t know how it happened,” stammered Copperfield. “This trick has never failed.” When asked after the show if he had planned to show up the showman, Socksam said he had no such intention whatsoever. In fact, Copperfield even explained that the site security checks people at the door not only for dangerous weapons, but also for decks of cards, rats with habits, and other paraphernalia that may be used to stump the magician, so he has no doubt the volunteer could not have planted the card himself.

It remains a mystery whence this Three of Eggs originated. The card was shown to reporters afterwards for photos during the interviews, but is being held by the illusionist’s staff for possible analysis. “I was flabbergasted,” says Copperfield. “I’ve never been flabbergasted in my life before, but this time I was.” He has decided to spend some time in a Japanese tea room to recover his mental equilibrium.

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