Lifestyle T-shirts: The New “Thing”

T-shirt that reads: I GO TO THE GYM

Do you see as many “lifestyle T-shirts” as I do? It seems like they are becoming more popular every day. Lifestyle T-shirts are the ones that bear relatively simple messages proclaiming an activity (supposedly) engaged in by the wearer, who is apparently proud of his particular lifestyle (as if he’s part of an elite class that does some really special thing).

Lifestyle T-shirts can have a logo of some sort, or be of plain colours. Some are more subtle than others, in that, rather than saying outright what the wearer does, they just have a name and logo or a particular company that specialises in their lifestyle’s activity (a gym, for example, or a charity); these send the same message, but more subliminally.

Anyway, if you follow the fads like everyone else, you’d better start thinking about which ones to wear, if you haven’t already. To help you out, here are a few examples which you can find at your local clothing outlet.

T-shirt that reads: I GO TO THE GYM
T-shirt that reads: I VOLUNTEER
T-shirt that reads: I GO TO CHURCH

Of course, if you are really cool and want to be frugal, you could just buy the one that says:

T-shirt that reads: I DO ALL THREE

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