Three Piece Suits Newest Trend In High Visibility Wear

In the minds of most of us, high visibility clothing (also called, presumably by marketing executives who failed spelling class, ‘hi-viz’) means bright orange T-shirts that strike the viewer with palpably violent force, plastic pants of a green that leaves an after-image lasting three weeks, and hats of a yellow shade so disturbing that they are banned from competition as constituting an unfair advantage. The problem, as we have detailed in the past, is that such bright hues are lost among the jumble of vivid colors, pulsating lights, and ear-shattering explosions that over-fill the typical street scene in the developed world.

What, then, do you do, if you really want to stand out? From cyclists to construction workers, anyone around dangerous machinery (including industrial welding equipment, automobiles, and food processors) needs to be noticed to avoid injury. So if you really want to be visible, you need something different, a totally unique style of clothing. This is why the three piece suit is finding a niche as the most visible style of clothing you can wear.

“StateLibQld 2 214312 Man in a three piece suit, smoking a pipe, 1930-1940.” Author unknown. Modified by The Flying News. Public Domain.

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  1. Lionel says:

    Suspenders work great too!


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