Bicycles Banned from Bike Rack in Park

A bicycle rack labelled "NO BICYCLES"

So I’m wending me way through a little park on me bike, and I come upon this little bike rack. “Ah,” thought I, “a place to lay me bike while I take a walk through yonder woods.” And I was just readying meself for to lock me little bike upon this little rack, so well designed for the fitting of the fronten wheelen, with the handlebar upright, and for to latch me sturdy locken on the pipe; when, by Jove, I lift me little head, doffing me helmet, and set me eyes upon this sign that reads, “NO BICYCLES.”

And I think, “Cursed be me if this be not a bicycle rack, and yet they say ‘NO BICYCLES’!” What’s this here rack for, if not for bicycles?! But as I be a law-abiding citizen, and a good one indeed, I swallow me pride and hang my head gently, and think for a minute, and decide, I must be a good man and take the trail by bike, for they will not let me leave me cycle here.

Perhaps I will write a letter in respectful protest of the rule, and ask that they allow the leaving of bicycles, or at least unicycles, on the rack, for to let the people walk the trails on foot if they please.

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  1. Vim Vocifero says:

    Jim, that rack is for tricycles.

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