Under-the-Table Covers

You probably use a tablecloth, at least for formal or festive meals. But you may have made a very serious oversight if you have not considered how important it is to cover, not just the table, but the underside of the table. Take a look right now. Do you see what I see? That’s right: while the top of the table looks fairly decent even without a cover, the underside is in pretty rough shape. Not so smooth, not so polished, traces of glue that the lazy cabinetmaker didn’t bother to clean up, and bits of congealed food. This, old friend, is why you absolutely need an under-the-table cover.

And (as luck would have it) Ultimate Universal Technology Corporation has designed a full range of under-the-table covers. The most advanced attach to the bottom of your table with nanotechnology, while more basic models adhere with screws or glue. The cheapest has to be held in place by your guests, but—and this is important—is infinitely preferable to leaving the bottom of your table uncovered.

“Waiting Under the Table,” by darwin Bell from San Francisco, USA (waiting under the table Uploaded by Fæ) CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

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