Governor of Wyoming Calls for Emergency Deflation of Tires to Combat Low Air Pressure

In response to an extreme low pressure system that has remained stationary over Wyoming (USA) for three days, the state governor has called for Wyomingans to deflate their automobile and bicycle tires.1 This will increase air pressure and send the low pressure system “at least to Utah, and possibly as far as California,” where, scientists believe, it will affect the effect of medicinal marijuana by “altering the observed and theoretical rates of diffusion of psychoactive particulates.”2

“Low Pressure System Over Iceland,” by NASA’s Aqua/MODIS satellite Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

  1. Unicycle, tractor, and wheelchair tires are exempt.
  2. Busakis, W., and Fumace, R., “Effects of Air Pressure on the Diffusion of Inhaled Particulates,” West Coast Journal of Climatology and Herbal Medicine 14 (2015): 23-31.

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