Games to Play at Wakes and Funerals

Planning a funeral for yourself or a loved one? Worried that it might be dark, dreary, and boring? Here’s a list of games you can play to put the FUN back in FUNERAL! Whether during an open-casket wake or the funeral itself, these games will keep guests entertained for hours, so everyone will be looking forward to your next funeral like it’s Christmas.

  • Ring Around the Body
  • Hide and Seek—a good one for graveside funeral parties
  • Tiddlywinks (for the toddlers)—see how many you can flip into the casket!
  • Pin the Tail on the Coffin
  • Monkey in the Middle
  • Don’t Wake Daddy
  • Piñata (a long-time favourite in Mexico)
  • Hang Man
  • Spin the Body (popular at teenage funeral parties)
  • Blind Man’s Buff, or its newer variant, Zombie Tag
  • Bloody Murder
  • Musical Chairs, with the new music-box style caskets—open the lid: music plays; close the lid: it stops
  • or, just Play Dead.

If you’re worried about the cost of funerals, have no fear. While these games require some organisation, set-up, and coordination of both living and deceased members of the party, most of them are cheap and easy. You need not even consult a funeral director (if you hire one at all), since there is no law anywhere that we know of saying you can’t play games in a funeral home.

“Santa maria del popolo, monum a giovanni battista gisleni, 2.JPG,” by Sailko. CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons. Detail.

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