What Everybody Wants

Thoughts on the Meaning of Life from Retro Pop Music

I’ve been brushing up on my 80’s and early 90’s music while pondering the meaning of life, and came up with the following:

  • In 1985, Tears For Fears sang “Everybody wants to rule the world.”
  • A couple years later, in 1987, Love and Rockets sang “Everybody wants to go to heaven.”
  • Some years down the road, in 1992, The Soup Dragons started singing “Everybody wants somebody else.”
  • but then again, in 1990, C&C Music Factory sang “Everybody dance now!”

And I was wondering if that just settles it . . .




Speaking of 80’s music:
The great thing about LP records is that you never have to rewind them.

Public Domain Image http://publicdomainarchive.com/public-domain-images-bicycle-bridge-black-white-river/

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