A Handy Guide to Shelf Life

Have you ever wondered if your favorite treat, your newest purchase, or your moldy leftovers are still good enough to eat? Perhaps, when walking into your kitchen, you’ve been concerned about the freshness of your cabinets—maybe you’ve left them out too long. If you have any such worries, just refer to our handy guide:






Typical Shelf Life

Store At

Kitchen Cabinets1.7 years176° F
Doughnuts5 minutesN/A
Jet Airplane17.3 years327° K
Hovercraft11 months1.2rad
Fashionable Clothing3.2 nanosecondsDO NOT STORE!
World Peace2.3746 femtoseconds-41° C
Cheese FoodInfinite236° F

“Funny Rice Cooker Face is Sick and Puking,” by epSos.de. CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

  1. After about 5.4 months, your wife will start to complain that the cabinets are dated and need to be replaced. She is mistaken: they should be good for at least another year.
  2. Nobody eats the stuff, after all.

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