Most Common Deadly Illnesses

Pie chart showing % of deaths by sickness.

Do you ever ask yourself the question, “Am I still ill?” Well, even if you don’t, you might be interested in knowing how many other people are dying of various illnesses. And even if you aren’t, you might be inclined to read about it. But even if you weren’t, we still want to write about it.

The table and graph say it all. But I will say more.

It appears that Lovesickness is the most common deadly illness, accounting for 950,420 deaths. Then comes Homesickness, which accounts for almost 682,002 deaths. In third place is Carsickness, which claimed more than 456,323 lives. Claustrophobia is slightly less dangerous, having caused approximately 154,000 deaths (rounded to the nearest thousand). Finally, Teleportationsickness1 is still a concern, with some 54,851 deaths, of which more than half occurred during or after teleportation.
Table showing numbers of death by illness.
Pie chart showing % of deaths by sickness.


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