This Is Nothing

This Is Nothing

I feel compelled to write a reply to the recent post by Hilaire Belloc on nothing at all, which was so aptly titled. While I dare say it is one of our best-written articles of late—and it certainly gets to the essence of nothing—I do think it is missing something.

So I begin with a question: What is nothing?

If it is nothing, then it is not. But if it is not, then how can it even be nothing? Could it not be—must it not be—that nothing is not even nothing? Might it be that nothing is nothing at all? For we know it is not something. But if it is not even nothing, then wouldn’t it be something? Or is there something less than nothing, not even nothing, yet still not something?

In the abyss of nothingness, is nothing really there, or is it not there because it is not, since if it were there then it would cease to be nothing and it would be something. So what is this something we call nothing? Or is all this talk about nothing just good for nothing?

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