The Flying News Named “Best New News Organisation” for Second Consecutive Year

Two awards are better than one!

For the second year in a row, the International Standard Publication Rating Association (ISPRA) named The Flying News the Best New News Organisation. Avid readers will recall the announcement from last September when we won the same prestigious award.

Although the panel is under a strict vow of secrecy as to the vote and discussions leading up to the selection of a winner, we heard through the grapevine that the twelve-or-thirteen-person panel was fiercely divided as to whether the same organisation could receive the award twice, which had only happened once in the history of the award. That was when it went to the Sunday Afternoon Regular, which, because it had shortened its name from the Sunday Afternoon Pleasantly Irregular, was considered something of a new news organisation again. However, in our case there was no such name change, and it appears that we were chosen more because the content of our publication is continually new, along with the fact that there have not been that many other new news organisations in the last year. So The Flying News is still considered “new” according to the definition given by the definers of the word.

But enough of our musings: you should hear what they said about us:

“The Flying News, while no longer new, is still news.”

“It’s still better than ice cream! Even homemade ice cream! With sprinkles on top!”

“The Flying News is something of a contradiction, since news cannot actually fly, except perhaps in a metaphorical sense in which one might ‘throw’ the news to another, whereupon it could ‘fly’ from the deliverer to the receiver. But, if the receiver fumbles or if the news is intercepted, then it could turn into a scoring point for the other team, in which case the whole game is pretty much lost and the coach would probably be fired. They need a new coach anyway. I think I lost my train of thought—what was I saying?”

“Most people don’t read the news anyway, so who cares?”

“If it weren’t for The Flying News, I would be so depressed that I just couldn’t get out of bed in the morning. But now, I love getting out of bed. The Flying News saved my life from boredom, banality, and hyperbolic fish distention.”

“I still don’t understand The Flying News, but I do love it.”

We are still awaiting the Best Old News Oganisation award, but perhaps we’ll have to reach our 20th Anniversary before we are officially considered “old.” Did someone say 20th Anniversary? *wink* (Stay tuned . . .)

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