A New Way to Reserve Your Parking Space

Have you ever, when running late for an appointment, wished that there was some way you could make sure that a parking space was ready when you arrived at your destination? Have you ever, in moments of frustration, idly daydreamed about moving parked cars out of your space with a forklift? Frustration Free, Inc. has patented a new system which aims to make sure that your parking space is ready whenever you are.

When a user reserves a parking space with this system, unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) first verify that the reserved space is unoccupied. If not, a removal team is dispatched, which uses a helicopter to perch the offending vehicle on a nearby roof. After the emptiness of the parking space is verified, a holographic image of an armored car is set up in the space to ensure its continued vacancy. Drones continue to monitor the parking spot, and if any vehicle blocks access or attempts to park there (despite the hologram), the drones automatically summon the removal team.

The system can be accessed at any time of the day or night, by smartphone, dumbphone, internet, carrier pigeon, or by walking into the main office in Honolulu. The cost of using this system has not yet been determined.

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