Breastfeeding Woman Kicked Out of Nudist Colony

Wendy Epperson was expelled last week from Lake Placid Nudist Retreat (LPNR), where she had been a resident for more than fourteen months. LPNR’s Committee of Public Decency voted 9-4 to kick her out after she refused to discontinue what the Committee termed “flagrant and persistently indecent behavior.” Inside sources report that her ‘indecency’ was publicly breastfeeding her four month old son.

Ryan Rocifero, roving reporter for The Flying News, managed to catch up with a member of the Committee. Carlena Q. Vaden, who is also one of the founding members of LPNR explained her rationale to Ryan:

We don’t have a problem with nudity, of course, but some things are just not decent in public. When we formed the Committee of Public Decency, we were charged by the community with “caring for seemliness and respectability while maintaining high moral standards in accordance with the founding principles of Lake Placid Nudist Retreat.” This decision, while it was not easy for us to make, most definitely shows the need for such care.

Epperson has, reputedly, been considering legal action against LPNR, but has expressed concern that appearing unclothed in the courtroom might constitute contempt of court.

“L’Enfant au sein,” Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Public domain via Wikimedia Commons

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