Baby Doughnuts

Have you ever wondered where doughnuts come from? The doughnut shop, of course. But all joking aside, while it is widely believed that doughnuts grow on trees, the journalistic staff of The Flying News thought it would be fun and exciting to figure out where doughnuts really come from.

This was no easy task: the real origin of the doughnut is a carefully guarded secret. But we were not daunted. After months of gruelling research, after tracing the subtle trail of the doughnut across all seven continents, we finally found out the true, but elusive, source of the doughnut: doughnuts come in boxes! Of course, you think you already knew that. But the doughnuts you buy in a doughnut box in a doughnut store are adult doughnuts. The carefully preserved secret that you didn’t know is that baby doughnuts come in boxes too. In fact, you can find them at many grocery stores. (We can’t tell you the name on the box, though; that’s highly confidential information. We don’t mind risking our lives in the dauntless pursuit of the truth about doughnuts, but revealing the name on that box would be too much of a risk).

In any case, what doughnut stores do is buy boxes of baby doughnuts from the grocery store, then nourish them carefully until they are big enough to sell (in boxes) to hungry doughnut-eaters. Of course, the best specimens are sent back to the doughnut breeders to ensure a good supply of baby doughnuts and to help breed new varieties of doughnuts.

“Multi Grain Cheerios macro 2,” by Daniel Schwen, CC BY 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

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