Secrets for Saving on Your Electric Bill

Electric Socket and Welcome Mat

With the rising costs of electricity just about everywhere, many of us are wondering where all that money is going. Isn’t there a way to save some money on electricity? Here are some secrets we have gathered that may help you.

There are three basic methods for saving on your electric bill:

  1. Use less electricity.
  2. Steal electricity.
  3. Spend more time at other people’s houses.

Since the first method is no fun, and the second can be difficult for the average person, we will expound on the third method, which works quite well in our experience.

Find a neighbour you can rely on, one that keeps the house cold in summer and warm in winter. This way you’ll be very comfortable, and they probably have tons of money since they already use a lot of electricity. Elderly people are good bets for comfortable A/C. If their vision and hearing are bad enough, they won’t notice when you start bringing over your own electronics (stereo system, laptop/desktop computer, blenders and cooking appliances, etc.).

However, you need to work your way in slowly. Start by asking your neighbour if you can “borrow” a cup of sugar. Neighbours enjoy “lending” inexpensive baking ingredients, as it feels like a quaint, neighbourly thing to do. They will instantly consider you a trustworthy, upstanding, neighbourly neighbour. Once they trust you, you can get a little chatty with them, tell them your air conditioner isn’t working so well,1 and they will invite you in for a glass of cold water. Continue spending a little more time at their house day by day, until they are used to you just “stopping by” practically any time. Then, as stated earlier, you can start bringing over the appliances you need one by one, until you can comfortably spend more than half your time at their house instead of yours.

If you bake them cookies once in awhile (using the ingredients in their kitchen, of course), they will consider that you are even doing them a favour by being over so often. And they’ll be much less lonely, so they’ll really like you for it.

  1. This is more effective in the summer.

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