Nude Flights Save Weight, Fuel

Antarctica Air announced that, beginning April 8th, all passengers will be required to fly nude. Lewis Day, Vice President for Finance, explains that this policy will decrease fuel use, increase airline profits, and allow the airline to sell tickets at significantly lower cost:

Every year, we spend millions of dollars buying tens of millions of pounds of jet fuel. Since every pound we carry requires energy, it makes sense, both economically and environmentally, to reduce weight wherever possible. Clothes are not needed in modern aircraft: the interior of the cabin is kept at a comfortable temperature. Because of this, flying without clothes is an easy way to reduce weight and increase efficiency.

Some industry experts predict that passengers will balk at this new requirement. Frances Mace, Vice President for Marketing does not believe that this will be the case:

By requiring passengers to remove belts, jackets, and shoes to pass through security, the TSA has already accustomed them to publicly remove their clothing in the airport. This takes it a little further, it’s true, but not much. And for an extra fee, we will permit passengers to wear their underwear.

Rumors say that before enacting this policy, Antarctica Air considered charging passengers by the pound. Concern for the possible legal ramifications of this policy, as well as threats of a boycott by The Society for a Fat America, led airline administration to abandon this idea.

Airline officials do not know whether this new policy will affect the number of ticket sales.

“Bên trong máy bay Airbus A320 của Jetstar Pacific” by Nts11. CC-BY-SA-3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

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