Meal Saving Time – Sandwiches

Table setting, missing the food.

Many of our readers have complained about the time it takes to prepare meals, specifically lunch (which some call “dinner”, not to be confused with “supper” which others call “dinner”), which they bring to work or school, as the case may be.

After some intense calculation and much brooding thought, we have come up with a solution.

Once a year for 30 years (31 if it’s a leap year), make a sandwich and put it in the freezer. You may want to wrap it in cling film or aluminium foil before freezing. At the end of the the 30 years (31 if it’s a leap year), you will have a month’s worth of lunches (or “dinners”) stored up, and you will no longer need to spend all that time preparing your meals.

If at some point during those 30 (or 31) years, you have purchased a new freezer, you will need to transfer the sandwiches from the old freezer to the new one. Since freezers of the future are likely to be much more computerised than today’s, you will need to use a command like the following:

$ mv /old_freezer/food_sandwiches /new_freezer

If you have other food in the freezer, you’ll be better off using a wildcard in the command like this:

$ mv /old_freezer/food_* /new_freezer

And if you keep other things like pets in the freezer, you might want to use this one:

$ mv /old_freezer/* /new_freezer

If you want to save some money on groceries, you could try the copy command instead:

$ cp /old_freezer/* /new_freezer

But use caution with this one, in case there is mold or spoiled meat in the freezer.

Happy sandwiching, and cheerio!

Please note: This article only applies to lunch/dinner. We have not yet found a solution for other meals.

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