How to Make a Salmon Cake

Picture of a Friendly Salmon

Is there a salmon in your life?

If so, you might find these directions helpful:

  1. Bake a cake.
  2. Remove cake from oven.
  3. Allow cake to cool.
  4. Frost cake.
  5. On top of the cake, use icing to write a friendly or affectionate message. Consider one or more of the following examples:
    • “Happy Birthday, Salmon”
    • “Salmon, Oh Salmon, How I Love You”
    • “Salmon, You Make My Life Complete”
    • “Salmon, You’re a Really Great Friend!”
    • “The Salmon on the bus goes ‘Swish, swish, swish'”
    • “You’re so cool”
    • “Salmon, if you were any groovier, you’d be split into two pieces”
  6. Give cake to salmon with appropriate kind words or affectionate gestures, or other fitting salmon-cake-presentation symbols.

Photo by Timothy Knepp, courtesy of US Fish and Wildlife Service.


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