The Hidden Benefits of Highly Responsive Aural Organs

Ear of a baby doll

Do mechanical vibrations of exceptional volume or intensity, transmitted through the air or other media, cause your aural organs to suffer? If so, you are not unaccompanied. This is a quality conforming to the healthy state of a human being, and is actually a favourable indication that your auditory sensation is not too heavily degraded. It signifies that you can, in fact, still perceive mechanical vibrations of the proper volume in the audible frequency spectrum.

Having highly responsive aural organs is a beneficial quality, because it results in the ability to detect mechanical vibrations (transmitted through the air or other media) of relatively low intensity, many of which enrich your experience of the period of bodily existence which you have on earth.

Some examples are:

  • the chirping of orthopterous insects of the family Gryllidae;
  • musical modulations of the voice uttered by warm-blooded, feathered vertebrates;
  • the soft, hushed vibrations produced by the natural motion of air over the earth;
  • the slight, sharp vibration made by wrinkling a thin substance made from woody fibres;
  • gentle tones employed by human voice or musical instruments; and
  • the audible letting-out of breath of a person held in deep affection.

Indeed, you should cherish the sensation produced by the stimulation of the auditory organs, and recognise that others long for the ability to experience audible sensations as you do. So, at the moment in the future of nearest proximity to this one when you are bothered by a voluminous mechanical vibration travelling at a speed of 343 metres per second (in dry air at 20 degrees Centigrade), simply recall to your mind the gentle auditory sensations that you do so enjoy.

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