Book Review: Business Strategies for the Third Millenium

Although I admit that I haven’t read Business Strategies for the Third Millenium, my review will be a trustworthy and insightful guide to the merits of the book. I did pick up the book, and it seemed quite thick. While the book is long, far too long for anyone to actually read, I found the quality of the discussion thoroughly mediocre. The author’s treatment of aerial advertising strategies was inexcusably superficial. In particular, there was no mention of blimps, biplanes, triplanes, skydiving, skywriting, hot air balloons, or The Flying News.

On the other hand, I found some of the more down to earth ideas in the book helpful. The discussion of cologne and perfume selection for business meetings was fascinating, and I look forward to using the advice concerning job interviews in the future, should I ever decide to interview for a job.

Finally, I should warn any would-be reader that the discussion of humor in the workplace was extremely offensive. The author claims that one ought to cultivate a reputation for seriousness, and never do anything strange. If the author thinks that, then no wonder he’s written such a boring book, a book so lackluster that nobody could possible read it. In fact, the best use of this overpriced tome might be to drop it on someone’s foot as a practical joke.1

  1. Note that The Flying News does not condone, promote, suggest, or otherwise endorse dropping books on anyone, even if it would be highly amusing.

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