Surfer Credits Flying News For Win

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Mason St-Pierre, French-Australian surfer, credits The Flying News for his spectacular win on Thursday at the Playa Pequeñita Open (PPO). “I’ve always loved to surf and been pretty good at it,” he explains, “but reading ridiculous surfing advice from The Flying News gave me that extra edge I needed. I could just feel everything come together. I was so incredibly stoked.”

When we asked what he found so helpful in our article, he explained:

Well, it wasn’t exactly the advice itself. I mean, I have, like, fifteen and a half boards, I usually have two legs, and I live in Hermosa Beach, so waves aren’t a problem. It was more the idea of some kook spinning around, or grabbing boards out of a wall. It put me in the perfect frame of mind.

After winning PPO, St-Pierre plans to begin a career as a coal miner:

I’ve always had a passion for rocks. I think a lot of the skills I’ve honed as a professional surfer will be useful: the constant attention to changing conditions, the importance of good equipment, and, above all, being comfortable with danger, injuries, and discomfort. It’s also a very physically demanding career, which is like surfing too.

At The Flying News, we are very pleased to have helped St-Pierre with his spectacular win, and wish him luck as a coal miner.

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