Marketing Strategies for Father’s Day

A Father's Day Power Tool

Flying News investigative reporter Ryan Rocifero has discovered that, in preparation for father’s day, VeryManlyTools® Co. has adopted a unique marketing strategy in its retail outlets. “Market researchers at VeryManlyTools found,” Rocifero reports, “that women were discouraging their husbands from buying expensive power tools. They deliberately sought for, and managed to find, a strategy to separate their predominantly male customers from their spouses.”

The foundation of this new strategy was a discovery by color scientists at the University of Oslo. The scientists, after more than ten years of experimentation using the latest quantum technology, discovered a unique shade of yellow highly irritating to women, but completely invisible to men. This shade has been named ScreamingYellow™ and patented under the European Tints and Colors Copyright Act (ETCCA). The University of Oslo licensed ScreamingYellow™ to VeryManlyTools.

“Women simply don’t appreciate the value of a really first-rate power tool,” explains VeryManlyTools spokesmanlyman Andrew Smith. “By giving men the freedom to appreciate and marvel at our product without distraction, we are doing a great service for manlymen everywhere.”

So far, the campaign seems to be successful: sales of large power tools are up 37.6% this month.

Public domain photo by SeppVei, available at

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