Science News: New Data on Quantum Entanglement

A New Breakthrough: Maybe ‘Entanglement’ is More than a Metaphor


The strange and seeming contradictory experimental results which have been codified as quantum physics are typically described by terms such as ‘entanglement’, ‘superposition’, and ‘wave-particle duality’. It is generally presumed that such terms are metaphors, and that only the precise language of mathematics can accurately describe the results of experiments dealing with quantum phenomena.

However, a new experiment in hypersound challenges these assumptions. Using an array of hypersound microphones, a team led by physicists Thomas Headisson of the University of Upper Bohemia and Maria Skłodowska of The Western Finland Max Börd Physics Institute conducted a series of observations of entangled electron pairs. The result was nothing less than astounding: “When we played back our recordings,” Skłodowska reports, “we were absolutely stunned to hear the very clear and unmistakable sound of a kiss. We had believed that entanglement was simply a convenient term to describe the way in which, under certain conditions, the quantum states of pairs or groups of particles are no longer independent. Instead, it seems that, at least for electrons, the entanglement is quite a lot more serious than we had previously realized.”

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