Three Piece Suits Newest Trend In High Visibility Wear

In the minds of most of us, high visibility clothing (also called, presumably by marketing executives who failed spelling class, ‘hi-viz’) means bright orange T-shirts that strike the viewer with palpably violent force, plastic pants of a green that leaves an after-image lasting three weeks, and hats of a yellow shade so disturbing that they […]

Are Your Tennis Shoes Tracking You?

Special News Agent Ryan Rocifero uncovered a little advertised feature of many athletic shoes: the tracking system. As the cutaway view below shows, the typical athletic shoe now contains, in addition to air cushions, a heart rate monitor, and one or more plasmapheretic catheters, a sophisticated wireless tracking system. Power for the tracking system is […]

The Necktie: Instrument of Destruction

The Origin of the Necktie1 Many years ago, I happened to glance at a book about inventions that changed history. It contained essays by different scholars (or I assume they were scholars—it was a long time ago, and I don’t even remember the name of the book), each arguing that some technology or other was […]

Style Trends: Magnetizing

Photo of The Flying News returning in glorious triumph.

Straps, ties, and precise tailoring have been unavoidable hassles for the fashion industry until recently, when top designers have taken advantage of a new technology: implanted magnets. Top models have had thin layers of subcutaneous magnets implanted in strategic positions around their body, freeing designers from constraints and allowing them to create new and incredible […]

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