A really tasty-looking three-layer cake!

Hey, mates, who ate the last piece of cake? More News: How to Make a Salmon Cake Recipe: Cocoa Chaos Commercial Interests Sieze Control of GPS Things to Do When You’re Bored

Under-the-Table Covers

You probably use a tablecloth, at least for formal or festive meals. But you may have made a very serious oversight if you have not considered how important it is to cover, not just the table, but the underside of the table. Take a look right now. Do you see what I see? That’s right: […]

Foodless Meals Grow in Popularity (and in Household Gardens)

A beautiful foodless meal.

While some unmentionable parts of the world are experiencing an explosion (no pun intended) of obesity, other unmentionable parts of the world (France) have continued to cut back the amount of food served on a plate, which looks fancy and slims down the population at the same time. The introduction of the novel—not a book—”Foodless […]

Square Files Protest With International Steak Naming Association

The square has officially filed a protest with the International Steak Naming Association (ISNA), calling the fact that there is no square steak a “grave injustice.” Rumors allege that the square initially attempted to convince the pentagon to join it in protesting. The pentagon, reportedly, was content with “enjoying exalted status in the worlds of […]

Conversation Hearts Factory Infiltrated by Aliens

Conversation hearts showing one in alien language.

Ryan Rocifero has been studying conversation hearts ever since Valentine’s Day, searching for evidence of intelligent life. At last, after two months, two days, four hours, thirty-seven minutes, and twenty seconds (give or take a few), he found the one shown at lower right in this photograph, which suggests that, not only is there intelligent […]

FBI Recommends Doughnuts for Breakfast

In yet another interesting move by a more or less self-regulated department of American government, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) issued its Official Breakfast Recommendation (OBR) last Sunday, when they ought to have been home for the weekend. The OBR states that, “in order to keep Americans Fat, Dumb, and Happy (FD&H)”, the FBI […]

Man vs. Doughnut

WARNING: This article contains a frank discussion of doughnuts and uses words of three, four, and five letters. Today, at the international headquarters of The Flying News, we are hosting a very unique contest: Ron Rocifero does battle against a glazed doughnut. Now, at first glance this may seem a very unequal contest. After all, […]

Recipe: Cocoa Chaos

Charred Cake

This time of year, many people enjoy inviting friends or relatives to their homes for dinner and serving a special dish. This is a favourite dessert recipe that we just had to share, and it’s guaranteed to make an impression. Ingredients A few cups of flour Bicarbonate of soda┬áto taste Baking powder to taste Lots […]

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