US Businesses Fund Lunar Mission

Preliminary unofficial estimates place the short term economic effects of the August 2017 eclipse at approximately $19,207,392.99, including indirect effects.1 To say that business owners in the path of the eclipse are elated is, of course, obvious. Tourists from all over the world parted with their hard earned cash2 in exchange for accommodations, food, boat […]

Card Tricks Magician

A Photograph of the Trick Card

Illusionist David Copperfield is known as a pretty good trickster. And yet, the renowned magician was fooled last weekend by his own card trick, when an audience member chose a card of a previously-undiscovered suit. While the trick called for choosing “any card” from the deck, Copperfield was not expecting quite the card his volunteer […]

Robot Unemployment on the Rise

With the advent of automation in the latter half of the 20th century, political campaigns often obsess over the problems of unemployment for those whose jobs are gradually being replaced by robots. But many have overlooked an equally troubling phenomena: older robots being replaced by newer, more intelligent robots. Every year, as Technology™ creates newer, […]

World Record: First Woman to Count to 1,072,958,400

Susan Maddock of South Australia has been counting for a long time. So long, in fact, that she has become the first woman in recorded history to count to 1,072,958,400.1 It has taken her almost 29 years. She says she began counting when she was “about four and a half years old.” Her mother confirms […]

Fine Beers and Craft Wines

Have you ever wondered why there are no craft wines? Why wines can be fine, but only beer is ever craft. The impression this terminology produces is that brewers are master craftsmen, subtle geniuses bulging with wizardly skill and arcane expertise. Winemakers, or vintners, on the other hand, are just not. That’s not to say […]

Vocabulary to Impress

Do you find yourself spending hours of your weekend reading the dictionary to learn new words? Do you feel a need to expand your vocabulary to impress others at work, parties, or cultish ceremonies? If so, we have some words and usage tips that are sure to improve your persona. We’ll talk about a few […]

Original Names for Girls

Purplish flowery things.

“A rose by any other name . . .” —Someoneorother It’s not easy to think of a good, original name. I mean, with almost 1000 years of the English language behind us, there just aren’t that many names that haven’t already been taken. But for those of you looking for a truly original feminine name, […]

Book Review: Advice Worth Ignoring

Guarendi, Ray. Advice Worth Ignoring: How Tuning Out the Experts Can Make You a Better Parent. Servant Books, 2016, 160 pp. Like most of the books we review, we haven’t actually read Advice Worth Ignoring, but it is a real book. We even saw it on a book shelf once, which means it must be […]

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